We don't have Birman babies available, only lovely Maine Coon babies take a look:


Option someone is interested, you can always ask
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Sold kitten moved to his new home
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Buying a kitten:
Our kittens grow up within our family, with children, dogs and other cats. They all get equal attention so that they can develop into a strong and social kitten.
They are fully vaccinated, microchipped, rabies if necessary. We also deworm them several times. Along with passport, health certificate from our Vet, pedigree and kitten pack, they should leave us when they are 13/16 weeks old.

The price of our kittens is different, for breeders prices are different. Kittens that are not used for breeding should be castrated early as contractually agreed. Also one litter is breeding.

For a balanced and healthy kitten is good aftercare, healthy food, worming, annual vaccinations and vet check is very important.

if you are interesting in one of our kittens, please feel free to contact us:
T +31 (0) 72 - 737 00 62
M +31 (0) 6 532 77 036